Day 3 – Peace & Patience

Today after breakfast we were scheduled to put the last bit of primer on the storage bin before we began putting on the final coat of brown and starting the scrapping of the front iron fence.  We got the ladders out, put the scaffolds together, and got all the scrapers out & began to work.  We were only working for a short time when it started to drizzle.  We had to stop the painting but were able to continue scrapping until the rain really came down.  We took cover under an overhang outside & waited out the rain.  On the island these little rain storms come on quickly & clear up just as quick.

We worked till lunch — we had finished scrapping half the fence & after lunch our friends from Woodside picked up scrapping the fence while we all worked on the storage bin.

today, Karazim took custody of a small, 20 passenger van that was donated from a group in the US & shipped to Grand Bahama.  This van replaces one that served many years & transported many missionary teams.  We were the first group to ride in this van so before we got in we all put our hands on the van & prayed over it.  Karen from Karazim & Dan from Woodside joined us in prayer.

tonight we had dinner & devotions in our back yard at the marina.  Prayer partners went off to pray and after prayer we gathered in the girls room & planned our VBS day.  We had a fun time planning & singing songs.

not sure what’s on the schedule for tomorrow but we’re sure it’s going to be awesome as its planned by God!


1 thought on “Day 3 – Peace & Patience

  1. Sharon Farkas

    sounds good so far ! I know a little rain would never stop you ! I hope you all have a great day at the VBS tomorrow! we miss you and pray for good weather and
    hope you all are well and have some great memories this week! God Bless you all! Sharon Farkas


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