Day 4 – Kindness & Goodness

Today we spent the day working at the Feeding Center — it was a very hot day!   Andrew finished painting the last little piece of the storage unit, with Maria as his “spotter”.  The rest of us worked out front on the fence – some painting & some finishing the scrapping.  As we were working, around 10:30 a.m., our friends from Woodside asked us if we could help them with their landscaping project as they were only working a half a day today & the stones that got delivered for their rock gardens was starting to turn to cement in the heat & humidity & would not be in usable form tomorrow.  We split into two groups with the girls continuing painting and the guys clearing a grassy area where they would lay down black paper to keep weeds down and later put the stone to spread..

After lunch we all worked on the landscaping project…the guys shoveling the stone into wheelbarrows and Caroline, Leah & Maria spreading the stone in the garden.  They accomplished so much!  They actually completed the project & we were able to finish our work day at 4:15!  Everyone is sore & tired but feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Today our Fruit of the Spirit is Kindness & Goodness.  As we do each night during devotions we discuss where we saw the Fruit of the Spirit today.  We had many God moments today that were mentioned.  Some happened while we were painting the fence — many people walked by as we were out there. We were treated with kindness & with kind words by many that passed.  comments we also made about the kindness that Karen of Karazim has shown us each day!   And after we finished dinner & before devotions two of the Woodside families walked by where we were seated & thanked us for helping them out (saving them as one man said) and they told us that during their devotions each night they talk about where they saw Jesus during their day & tonight they said they saw Jesus in the Titusville group.  We thanked them for their encouraging words and thanked God for the God moments we have each and every day!

i have many pictures of the projects we have worked on.  I can’t wait to share them when we get home.

Tomorrow after breakfast we are going to Heavenly View Ministries to conduct a VBS — not sure what the plans are for the afternoon, but God does.

please pray that we are bold in our words & deeds tomorrow when we are leading VBS and continue to pray for safety on the work sites & travel mercies as we are transported on the island.


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