The Word of The Lord is mightier than a hammer!

Day 1 and we gathered at Titusville Presbyterian at 6 a.m. to begin our week-long mission trip to Grand Bahama island.  We had collected about 200 pairs of flip flops that we planned to take with us to give to children and adults who go barefoot because they can not afford shoes.  This meant that we had an extra suitcase to take & an extra one to pay for. In an effort to save money, we moved some items from one bag that was going to be checked into another bag — items like lotions and sprays that could not be in carry on bag. That worked and we did not have to pay the additional fee for an extra bag.

we arrive at the airport, get our bags checked, get through security without problems — which is a feat in itself as we are traveling with 4 minors without their parents!  We put our bags on the belt and several of us make it through w/out a hitch.  Then I hear my name being called and I have to go back as one of the minors, the one who so graciously offered to carry on the bag they thought they were checking, had to have their bags checked.  Next thing I know, the TSA agent is pulling a hammer & paint scrapper from the bag.  We were so concerned about lotions & sprays we completely forgot about the tools.   Just at that moment a TSA agent said “what were you planning to do with the hammer.”  I explained that we are on a mission trip & we would use it on our job sites.  He said, “you’re on a mission trip, you don’t need a hammer, you have the Word!”  right after that encounter another TSA Agent comes up & asked the same question & gave us the same answer.  We took that as a message from God reinforcing that the hammer is a good tool but we have the Word of God and we are to share that.

At the airport we meet friends from Woodside Church who are on a family mission trip here on Grand Bahama island.  When we arrived in Freeport we saw more of our Woodside friends but this time they were leaving the island after their week-long trip.    We had lunch at the Feeding Center with the members of the family mission trip then went to our hotel, explored the area, checked into our rooms and had a few minutes to go to the beach before dinner.  We ate dinner and had our evening devotions on the beach.  each day this week we are looking at one of the Fruits of the Spirit.  Today was love.  each of us shared with the group where we saw love today.  We ended our evening devotions and were assigned prayer partners.  Each set of prayer partners shared their prayer requests and closed in prayer.  Prayer partners will be sharing thoughts and prayer requests and praying together throughout the week.

Tomorrow we are going to church then beginning our work week by painting & weeding & landscaping.

please keep us in prayer for travel mercies as we are transported to & from the work sites, for safety wherever we are and for the group to be filled with the Spirit and be bold in our words to share the Gospel wherever we are!


1 thought on “The Word of The Lord is mightier than a hammer!

  1. thoughtoutlife

    Love that story about the hammer! But I’m also sure you could’ve used the hammer :). Thanks for getting all the kids there in one piece and for taking the time to blog. We skyped with L&C and they said it is beautiful there! You will all be in our prayers.
    Jay Wilson


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