Day 5 – Faithfulness

Today we had a blessed day with 45 youth from Eight Mile Rock at Heavenly View Ministries.  We  sang a few songs, put on a skit about Moses & the 10 Commandments, then did crafts with the group.  After crafts we had a skit about Jesus telling the disciples to Go Tell It On The Mountain!  We sang a closing song & played a game of Simon Says.  The women from Heavenly View made sandwiches, corn fritters & a cake for the youth & we shared a little with them.

after VBS we went back to the feeding center to continue working on the painting of the front fence.

When we returned to the hotel, and before dinner, the youthful members of the mission team played tollyball.  We ate dinner in our rooms and when we finished we went to the beach for our mid-week worship service.  This service is not like our regular devotions time — it is one where we spend a lot of time in song, personal prayer time, as well as corporate prayer.  We get a chance to talk to God near the vast ocean He created as we are listening to the sound of the surf.  What a peaceful prayer time!

At the end of the service, as with every other night, Mike asked us where we saw the Fruit of the Spirit today.  Many spoke of the faithfulness of Karen & Raoul, Lolita & Mervin and of the kids from Heavenly View — ask us to tell you some stories of our experiences today.

We had our picture taken with some of the VBS youth right before we left.  If you use Facebook you can see it on the Titusville Presbyterian page or on Barbara’s page.  You will see smiles on everyone’s faces.

Tomorrow we will visit one of the villages and around dinner time will go to Port Lucaya.

thank you all for sharing your children with me this week.  They are an awesome group!


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