Day 2 – Joy

Today we went to St. Paul’s Methodist Church, which is across the street from the feeding center.  Worship was very much like how we worship at Titusville with one exception — worship began at 10 a.m and finished at around noon.  Our group and the group from Woodside were recognized during worship and Mike was called up to say a word from the Titusville group.  They also held a reception in our honor after worship.  We were warmly welcomed by all and during the passing of the peace were hugged more times than I can count and told how glad they were to have us worship with them.

after church we returned to our hotel to change into our work clothes and quickly return to the feeding center for lunch.  After lunch we began our first work assignment which was the painting of a metal, second story storage unit.  Everyone did a wonderful job even though there was plenty of opportunities to complain as we were working in the sun from around 1:30 to 5:00.  When we finished we brought our dinner back to the hotel, changed into our swim suits and went to the beach for dinner & devotions.

today the Fruit of the Spirit we were talking about was joy.  We talked about where we saw joy today and many in the group pointed to various times during this mornings worship.

today during worship there were several times references were made to scripture we are using for our devotions or themes we are using for the VBS we are holding on Wednesday. This is confirmation from God that we have heard what He was calling us to study & share on this trip.

We are all tired tonight and have an early day tomorrow.  Each day we are picked up at 8:15 to go to breakfast and begin our work day around 9:30.  

Tomorrow we are putting the second coat of paint on the storage bin and scrapping the pealing paint off the fence in the front of feeding center so the other team can paint it later this week.  We will be going to VBS on Wednesday and hopefully to one of the villages on Thursday.

Please continue to hold us up in prayer.  Your prayers are much appreciated.


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